Mahdi Mohsin Mohammed Jassim Alasadi


Title Place Stage Year International Download Downloads
Community Language Learning Department of English Language Third2019135
The Silent WayDepartment of English Language Third2019117
Assignment 1Dept. of EnglishFourth2020142
English Grammar Lecture No.15Dept. of EnglishFourth202069
English Grammar Lecture No.16Dept. of EnglishFourth202068
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019207
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019185
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019406
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019131
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019146
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019203
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth2019200
English GrammarDept. of EnglishFourth20191589
English Grammar Lecture No.1Dept. of EnglishFourth2019101
English Grammar Lecture No.2Dept. of EnglishFourth201990
English Grammar Lecture No.3Dept. of EnglishFourth201986
English Grammar Lecture No.4Dept. of EnglishFourth201989
English Grammar Lecture No.5Dept. of EnglishFourth2019157
English Grammar Lecture No.6Dept. of EnglishFourth2019112
English Grammar Lecture No.7Dept. of EnglishFourth201992
English Grammar Lecture No.7Dept. of EnglishFourth201986
English Grammar Lecture No.8Dept. of EnglishFourth2019100
English Grammar Lecture No.9Dept. of EnglishFourth201993
English Grammar Lecture No.10Dept. of EnglishFourth201995
English Grammar Lecture No.11Dept. of EnglishFourth201991
English Grammar Lecture No.12Dept. of EnglishFourth201993
English Grammar Lecture No.13Dept. of EnglishFourth201993
English Grammar Lecture No.14Dept. of EnglishFourth2019106
Nature and Scope of Language in Social ContextDepartment of EnglishMSc.2018124
Regional and Social Variation in LanguageDepartment of EnglishMSc.2018100
Language and Ethnicity 1Department of English MSc.2018110
Language and GenderDepartment of English MSc.201896
Language in Multilingual SocietiesDepartment of EnglishMSc.201899
Politeness and Solidarity Department of English MSc.2018112
Sociolinguistics and Education Department of English MSc.201888
Pidgins and CreolsDept. of English MSc.201889
Accomodation Theory Dept of EnglishMSc.201879


Description Link
Language Teaching Methods: Audio-Lingual Method
The Grammar Translation Method.
Community Language Learning
The Silent Way Teaching Method
The Total Physical Response Teaching Method
Suggestopedia Teaching Method
Communicative Language Teaching
A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
Poetry and Prose Appreciation كتاب مقدمة الشعر والنثر المرحلة الأولى