Ahmed Najim Abood


Title Place Stage Year International Download Downloads
Lec.1/ Industrial ph. /Preformulation 1College of pharmacyFourth201998
Preformulation 2College of pharmacyFourth201990
Lecture 15/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth2019148
Lecture 1/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201897
Lecture 2/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201882
Lecture 3/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201893
Lecture 4/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201895
Lecture 5/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201885
Lecture 6/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201889
Lecture 7/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth2018129
Lecture 8/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201893
Lecture 9/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201896
Lecture 10/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201893
Lecture 11/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201891
Lecture 12/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth2018235
Lecture 13/ industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth201896
Advanced Biopharmaceutics 4College of pharmacyFifth201884
Lecture 14/ Industrial pharmacyCollege of pharmacyFifth2018131
1/Advanced pharm technologyCollege of pharmacyMSc.201981
Advanced Biopharmaceutics 1College of pharmacyMSc.201886
Advanced Biopharmaceutics 2College of pharmacyMSc.2018209
Advanced Biopharmaceutics 3College of pharmacyMSc.2018107
Advanced Biopharmaceutics 5College of pharmacyMSc.201876