Ala Hussein Oda


Title Place Stage Year International Download Downloads
semanticsDept. of EnglishFourth2018112
semantics2Dept. of EnglishFourth201887
PragmaticsDept. of EnglishFourth201876
Discourse AnalysisDept. of EnglishFourth201878
second language learningDept. of EnglishFourth201884
Language HistoryDept. of EnglishFourth201874
Language and Regional VariationDept. of EnglishFourth201877
language and social variationDept. of EnglishFourth201869
Language and CultureDept. of EnglishFourth201881
theo1Dept. of EnglishMSc.201955
theo1Dept. of EnglishMSc.201850
theo2Dept. of EnglishMSc.201849
thoe3Dept. of EnglishMSc.201851
theo4Dept. of EnglishMSc.201846
theo5Dept. of EnglishMSc.201848
theo6Dept. of EnglishMSc.2018127
theo7Dept. of EnglishMSc.201849
psycho1Dept. of EnglishMSc.2018137
psycho2Dept. of EnglishMSc.201850
psycho3Dept. of EnglishMSc.201848
theo8Dept. of EnglishMSc.201856
theo9Dept. of EnglishMSc.2018119