Prof. Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf



Title Type Publisher Year International Single Clarivate Scopus Download Downloads
Effect of Opening Holes on the Hydraulic Performance for Crump WeirJournalinternational journal for engineering2019 91
Study of the Local Scour Around L-Shape Groynes in Clear Water ConditionsJournalinternational journal for engineering2019 67
Experimental Study for Protection of Piers Against Local Scour Using SlotsJournalinternational journal for engineering2019 94
LOCAL SCORE EVALUATION FOR NON- SUBMERGED CURVED GROYNESJournalinternational journal for engineering2019 96
Scouring Around Impermeable Curved GroynesJournalinternational journal for engineering2019 70
scour depth around bridge piers using artificial neural network Journalinternational journal for engineering2018 76
Piano key weirJournalinternational journal for engineering2017 72