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Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Self Oscillating Control Circuit to Drive Series Resonant Inverter Feeding a Brazing Induction FurnaceConference2016   
Modeling, design and analysis of an induction heating coil for brazing process using FEMConference2016   
Matlab/Simulink Modeling of Parallel Resonant DC Link Soft-Switching Four-leg SVPWM InverterJournal2015   
Design of a Setf-Res onant Control Circuit to Drive Serles- Paraltel Resona nt Inverter used for Induction Heating ApplicationsConference2015   
PIC 16F877 AMicrocontroller Based Multiple DC Motors ControllerJournal2013   
Simulation and Experimental Verification of a HB-TYPe Vernier MotorJournal2013   
Simulink Model of a 3-Level Voltage Fed Soft- Switching Inverter with Two ARDCL SnubbersJournal2012   
Cascade Position Control of Linear Reluctance Motor Fed by SVPWM VSI with Fuzzy Logic ControllerJournal2012   
Proposed Scheme for Plugging Three-Phase Induction MotorJournal2010   
Control of cascade multilevel inverter using fuzzy logic techniqueConference2010   
Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of a Six-Phase Series-Connected Two-Motor Drive System Fed from SVPWM VSIJournal2008   
Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of a Six-Phase Series-Connected Two-Motor Drive System Fed from SVPWM VSIJournalIraq. J. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2008   
Design of Negative Sequence Voltage MeterJournal2000   
Design of simple Frequency Meter Using PLL TechniqueJournal2000   
Design of Digital Power Factor Controller for Synchronous MotorJournalBasrah J. Science 2000   
Digital Power Factor Angle MeterJournal1998   
Phase Asymmetry RelayConference1997   
Balanced over voltage, under voltage, and phase sequence reversal relay for a three-phase induction motorJournal1994   
New approach for the analysis of a three-phase induction motor of different ratings connected to a single-phase supplyJournal1992   
DC Motor Digital StarterJournal1992   
Operation of Three-phase Induction Motor from a Single-phase SupplyJournal1990   
Simulation of DC Motor Commutation Supplied by Semi-conductorsJournalProceed., Internal. Confer. “Modeling and Simulation” Karisrule (West Germany)1987