Ahmed Najim Abood



Title Type Publisher Year International Single Clarivate Scopus Download Downloads
Improvement of solubility and transdermal flux of Etodolac by Microemulsion systemJournal2019 82
Preparation and Evaluation of Ketoprofen Nanosuspension Using Solvent Evaporation TechniqueJournalIraqi journal of pharmaceutical sciences2017 76
Preparation and Evaluation of Dapsone NanoparticlesJournalKerbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences2017 61
Preparation and in vitro Evaluation of Acyclovir Suspension JournalKerbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences2016 62
Preparation and in-vitro evaluation of floating microspheres of gabapentinJournalKufa Journal For Veterinary Medical Sciences2011 63
Micro encapsulation of Naproxen By Complex Coacervation and Aqueous Colloid Dispersion Part -1 JournalIraqi J.Pharm.Sci2006 64