Ala Hussein Oda


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Title Type Publisher Year International Single Clarivate Scopus Download Downloads
Discourse Analysis of the Language of Violence in Frankenstein in BaghdadJournalJournal of Basrah Research: The Humanities2019 84
Discourse Analysis of Some Arabic News ItemsJournalJournal of Basrah Research- Humanities2018   
Investigating the Relationship between Locus of Control and Foreign Language Learning PerformanceJournalJournal of Basrah Research- Humanities2018 104
Charactersappraisement in GB Shaws Man and supermanJournalJournal of Basrah Research: The Humanities2018 144
Reading Comprehension and Language SkillsJournalMisan Journal2017 86
The Relationship between Gender and Reading ComprehensionJournalJournal of Basrah Research- Humanities2017 272
investigating challenges and opportunities for developing pragmatic competenceJournalJournal of Basrah Reseaeches2016 70
Multiple IntelligencesJournalJournal of Basrah Reseaeches2014 95
Sex Personality DifferencesJournalMisan Journal2009 66
Teaching the English NovelJournalJournal of Basrah Reseaeches2009 84
A Semantico-grammatical Study of the Heart of DarknessJournalJournal of Basrah Reseaeches2008 70