Sadiq Jabar Muhsin



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A Stepwise Regression Algorithm for Prognostication Draft Requirements of Disk PloughJournalJournal of Engineering and Applied Sciences2019 71
Effect of Genotypes and Tillage Systems in some Growth Characteristic of Maize (Zea mays L.)JournalBasrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences2019 77
Effect of the Operating Depth and the Lateral Inclination Angle on the Draft Force Requirements and the Lateral Force of the Vertical and Laterally InJournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)2019 72
Effect of the manure levels, depth and application methods using subsoil laying machine on the soil salinity and soil pHJournalThi-Qar Univ. J. for Agric. Res., 7 ( 1 ) 2018 (in press)2018 109
Effect of the organic and inorganic fertilizer on some soil properties and corn (Zea mays L.) growth parametersJournalThi-Qar Univ. J. for Agric. Res., 7 ( 2 ) 2018 (in press)2018 219
واقع المكننة الزراعية في محافظة البصرة - المشاكل والحلولChapterجامعة البصرة - كلية الزراعة 2018   
Effect of the manure levels , depth and method of applying using ditch opener and manure laying machine on some of soil physical propertiesJournalBasrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences2017 104
Determination of energy requirements, plowed soil volume rate and soil pulverization ratio of chisel plow under various operating conditionsJournalBasrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences2017 100
Performance study of moldboard plow with two types of disc harrows and their effect on some soil properties under different operating conditionsJournalBasrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences2017 99
دراسة متطلبات السحب وصفات الحراثة للمحراث الحفار في تربة طينية غرينيةJournalمجلة المثنى للعلوم الزراعية2016 163
آلة وضع السماد العضوي والكيميائي المركبة في خنادق تحت سطح التربة Patentedوزارة التخطيط العراقية التقييس والسيطرة النوعية2016 100
Determination the draft ranges at which 2WD and 4WD tractors operates at their maximum traction efficiencyJournalBasrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences2011 110
Studying the power losses of two and four wheels drive tractors ( 2WD and 4WD ) of Massy Ferguson 2680 JournalJournal of Basrah Researchers (Sciences) 2010 86
الأداء الحقلي لمحراث الخنادق الدائل ومقارنته مع محراث الخنادق العموديThesisرسالة ماجستير - قسم المكننة الزراعية - جامعة البصرة1999