اسيل حامد جاسم مطر المطر
Aseel Hamid Jasim Mutter Al-Mutter

السيرة الذاتية


Aseel Hamid Jasim
M.B.Ch.B., F.I.B.M.S(Path.)

Department of pathology and forensic medicine
College of medicine
University of Basrah

Personal Details
Name : Aseel Hamid Jasim Al –Mutter .
Sex : female .
Nationality : Iraqi .
Marital Status : married .
Home Address : Basrah / Al –Abbassia .
Phone (mobile) : 07705625435 .
E-Mail Address :
Present position : Lecturer ,
Department of pathology,
College of Medicine ,
Basrah / Iraq .
Medical Status : Specialist in histopathology and cytology .
Medical qualification
1- M. B.Ch.B. June 1992 University of Basrah/Iraq .
2- F.I.B.M.S(Path) December 2005 Iraqi Board for Medical specialization .
Computer skills:
Internet ,word ,excel,SPSS-17& power point .
Arabic & English .
Posts held since graduation
1-House Officer: for 2 years since October 1992 in the most of the medical specialties like internal medicine, general surgery ,pediatrics ,gynecology ,ICU ,CCU ,orthopaedic surgery ,ophthalmology & plastic surgery .
2-House Officer in the rural areas : for one year since December 1994 at Al-Gurna General Hospital .
3-Perminancy in Pediatrics : for 18 months since January 1996 at Al –Tahreer General Hospital & Al-Basrah General Hospital .The period include 5 months in neonatal unit .
Duties of the previous posts include : daily ward round including monitoring of the vital signs of the patients , weekly ground tour, weekly out-patient clinics, on call duties, weekly journal club, clinical meetings and mortality conferences .
4-working as demonstrator in the pathology department College of Medicine/Basrah for 4 years since June 1997,this period also include practicing in the pathology lab. at Al-Sadder teaching hospital in Basrah on different histopathology and cytology skills .
5- Accepted for study to get the degree of Fellowship of the Iraqi Commission for Medical Specialization in Pathology .The study (4 years) include:
First year : lectures and training in general & systemic pathology, microbiology , medical biochemistry and haematology .
Second year : practicing in cytology (exfoliative & FNA ) , forensic medicine practice ,histopathology practice and start working in research .
Third year : submitted a thesis : (The Value of Cytological Examination in the Diagnosis of Upper Gastrointestinal tract Lesions).The work include 200 cases selected from 700 endoscopy done at AI-Sadder Teaching Hospital in Basrah .
Fourth year : continuing practice in histopathology and cytology (including frozen sections & immune staining ) and passing the final examination at December 2004 to be graduated at January 2005 .
The study period include practicing in the